RiniGARD is excited to announce that the RITHMS project will be showcased at the upcoming Croatian National Information Day of the Horizon Europe Program. This event is jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Education, Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations, and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO), and University Computing Centre (SRCE).

Date: May 24, 2023
Venue: Mozaik Event Center, Slavonska Avenija 6, Zagreb

During this event, Mrs Jelena Levak, Senior Project Manager & RITHMS SAB Member will present key insights and advancements achieved through the project, with a special focus on the innovative DigitalPlatform. The primary objective of the RITHMS project is to develop a replicable strategy to address the challenges posed by the illicit trafficking of stolen/looted cultural goods, including its intricate connections with organized crime networks. This ground-breaking project brings together various domains such as the art market, criminology, law studies, forensic science, and more to deepen our understanding of this type of criminal activity.

At the core of the RITHMS project lies an interoperable AI-based Platform, which serves as a theoretical framework to identify and analyse criminal networks involved in the illicit trade of cultural property. The project’s SocialNetworkAnalysis component plays a crucial role in enhancing our comprehension of this transnational criminal phenomenon, ultimately enabling more effective border checks and interventions.

The RITHMS project’s presentation will provide attendees with valuable insights into the innovative strategies and technological advancements which will be developed throughout its implementation. This event offers an excellent opportunity for engagement, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas with experts and stakeholders in the field.

We invite all interested parties to join us at the Croatian National Information Day to learn more about the RITHMS project and its contributions to combatting illicit trade and safeguarding cultural heritage.
For the detailed agenda and further information about the event, please visit Agenda Link
We look forward to your participation in this important event as we collectively strive to address the challenges surrounding the illicit trade of cultural goods.