On the 11th of May 2023, PRAETORIAN organized the second pilot demonstration of the PRAETORIAN solution at the Bordeaux Port in France. The pilot aimed to showcase the capabilities of the PRAETORIAN system in dealing with combined cyber and physical attacks on power plant and harbour infrastructures in the Bordeaux area. The event offered both on-site and virtual participation options for attendees.

During the demonstration, the weather was highly unstable, with alternating heavy rain, strong wind, and sunny intervals. This presented a challenge for drone pilots and operators of the CUAV (Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) system, who were showcasing the physical attack scenario. Despite all the challenges, we successfully demonstrated our solution alongside all others involved in the PRAETORIAN project.

Our technical team actively participated in the demonstration by effectively detecting all flying objects in the area, including the attacker drone and friendly drones. We successfully classified them and sent the information to the command and control (C2) centre. Furthermore, our team provided continuous tracking of the drones and offered potential mitigation actions to the operator from our mobile counter-UAV unit. This contribution ensured the safety of the critical infrastructure by effectively countering the potential threat.

We remain committed to contributing to the PRAETORIAN project by actively participating in upcoming demonstrations across Europe. The overall demonstration highlighted the effectiveness of the PRAETORIAN system in real-time monitoring, threat detection, and coordinated response to both cyber and physical attacks on critical infrastructure. It emphasized the significance of advanced digital tools, such as situation awareness systems and CUAV technology, in enhancing security and crisis management capabilities.