RiniGARD team participated in Praetorian H202o live demonstration at Zagreb Airport on March 15, 2023. The event started around 9 AM with the presentations about the project as an introduction to the demonstration. RiniGARD’s project manager Jelena Levak held an insightful presentation on Drone detection and neutralisation tool.

Despite all the challenges, we successfully demonstrated our solution alongside all others involved in the PRAETORIAN H2020 project. Our technical team participated in the demonstration by detecting the drone from our mobile counter-UAV unit making the critical infrastructure safe from a potential threat.
We continue our contribution by participating in the following PRAETORIAN demonstrations around Europe.

Once again we showed what means to be a great team and why RiniGARD is a valuable project partner and technology provider. Many thanks to all consortium partners and visitors for participation and Zagreb airport for hosting the event.


PRAETORIAN is an EU H2020 project, which aims at increasing the security and resilience of European critical infrastructures (CIs), facilitating the coordinated protection of interrelated CI against combined physical and cyber threats.

The project will provide a multidimensional (economical, technological, policy, societal) yet installation-specific toolset comprising the following components: Physical situation awareness system, Cyber situation system, Hybrid situation awareness system and coordinated response system.

The PRAETORIAN toolset will support the security managers of Critical Infrastructures (CI) in their decision making to anticipate and withstand potential cyber, physical or combined security threats to their own infrastructures and other interrelated CIs that could have a severe impact on their performance and/or the security of the population in their vicinity.


Our mobile unit consists of RF system, Sky Patriot – an optical system for the detection and classification of drones, two monitors and other equipment important for the drone detection and neutralisation.

When the van and equipment is set up, the system can detect drones up to 8km away, and visually detect and identify from around 650m to 2km depending on the size. The whole system is completely mobile with batteries and its own internet, as well as a point-to-point wireless network that allows the operator to place the Sky Patriot further away from the van and still have access to the GUI and API from the van. We can say that our mobile unit is almost self-sufficient. To fully cover the operator, a few solar panels to charge the batteries and a beer fridge are the only things that we would add.

Eager to see our counter-UAV System?

Our mobile counter-UAV unit will be presented at CUAV, UAV and ROBOTICS Show 2023, 24-26 May in Čakovec where we will showcase our system. We invite you to join us in Čakovec: www.cuavshow.eu/registration