As M18 of the project passed, PRAETORIAN H2020 reached the point of preparation for the validation and the demonstration of the PRAETORIAN system based on the pilot scenarios.

The last 6 months involved heavy technical work by the PRAETORIAN partners, as we finalized the development of the individual tools (the four main systems that will be part of the PRAETORIAN platform, focusing on cyber, physical and hybrid -cascading effects- situation awareness and response coordination) and then implemented the global integration plan towards a single, user-friendly system, as it was setup at earlier stages of the project.

The consortium (co-)organized two workshops during this period, which involved end users and other stakeholders, who followed tool demonstrations and provided valuable recommendations.

Additionally, the PRAETORIAN consortium organized a technical meeting on 19 September 2022 in Madrid. It was a significant milestone in the project, as the PRAETORIAN end users had the opportunity to further understand and get familiarized with the PRAETORIAN tools and recommend improvements tailored to their needs. Finally, the consortium got prepared the first review meeting which took place in Brussels on 2nd December 2022.

The PRAETORIAN project has been presented in several events during the last six months.The most notable events are the following:

  • PCSCI workshop: Joint workshop between PRECINCT and PRAETORIAN, co-located with the
    ARES conference in Vienna
  • 1st PRAETORIAN stakeholders’ workshop: A full-day event which included the description of the
    project objectives and tool demonstrations to the PRAETORIAN stakeholders
  • PRECINCT & PRAETORIAN joint stakeholders’ workshop: Another full-day joint event with the PRECINCT project, which involved many interesting exchanges, including panel discussions and training working groups.

Finally, we welcomed our third plenary meeting at the EDF Lab offices in Palaiseau, near Paris in France,
on 15 and 16 December. The two-day meetings mainly focused on the status of the integrated system, how we will implement the tools developed in the framework of the deployment objectives of the demonstrators along with the activities plan, according to the identified risk scenarios.

The PRAETORIAN consortium now focuses on the preparation of the pilot demonstrations, which will take place during March 2023, with the involvement of the end users and other stakeholders from a variety of CI sectors.
This face-to-face meeting was again a success for the collaboration among the consortium and to
complete the joint activities within the WPs.

Newsletter no.03, December, 2022

PRAETORIAN is a H2020 funded project aiming at increasing the security and resilience of European
Critical Infrastructures, by facilitating the coordinated protection of interrelated CIs against combined
physical and cyber threats. You can follow project updates on our PRAETORIAN website and by following
our social media accounts.

european union flagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101021274