On 15 September 2022 RiniGARD presented the Silvanus project at the Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Conference in Zagreb, Croatia. It was a one-day event held in Hotel Westin that gathered over a hundred professionals, first responders, firefighters, SMEs from the security and safety and IT sector, as well as insurance companies and university representatives.

The Conference covered professional topics such as firefighting legislation challenges, obligations and news, new technologies for fire alarm and fire protection systems, application and method of using the fire alarm, integration of fire alarm with technical protection systems; intelligent fire alarm and fire detection systems; stable systems for extinguishing fires, Results of the 2021 fire season and the correlation between the Act on Firefighting and the Act on Fire Protection.

Mr. Sandra Bortek from RiniGARD introduced the Silvanus project, its mission, objectives, the main phases of the platform development as well as the pilots that will be held during the project’s life span. The Croatian pilot was in short presented.

Croatian project partners Micro Digital and Croatian Firefighting Association also attended the conference.