The 3rd General Assembly Meeting of Silvanus project was held on July 5th-6th, 2022, in Bari, Italy. Hosted by ASSET – Regional Strategic Agency for Sustainable Development in Apulia Region, meetup included the two-day assembly meeting and a visit to the pilot site to the Gargano National Park.

silvanus assembly

The high season for extreme wildfire events has commenced, and the southern Italian region of Apulia (Puglia) has been deeply significantly affected. This includes the scenic landscapes of the Gargano National Park, which is one of the eleven SILVANUS pilot sites where project outputs will be demonstrated. A site visit to Gargano was planned in the agenda of the assembly on July 7th.

On the first day, the opening discussion of the meeting focused on the contributions of SILVANUS to future mitigation and decrease of extreme wildfire events in the region of Apulia and beyond.
Technical specifications of SILVANUS platform were thoroughly discussed among partners, dissemination activities were presented, and open-ended questions were efficiently resolved.

On the 2nd day of the Silvanus General Assembly Meeting, the development of diverse pilots were presented, from such varied locations such as the Podpolanie region in Slovakia to the biodiversity of Sebangau National Park in Indonesia, from Queensland in Australia with CSIRO presentation of the fire-detecting unmanned ground vehicles, to the Gargano National Park in the hosting Italian region of Apulia.

gargano np silvanus 2 gargano np silvanus 1 gargano np silvanus

Developments and productive discussions of both technical and project management aspects were in the forefront, such as the development of the biodiversity profile and citizen engagement programme applications, fire danger assessments and fire detection systems, ecological resilience programmes, big-data framework and platform architecture, and many more crucial building components that will craft the vastly ambitious SILVANUS platform.

Although the assembly meeting was only a two-day event, the third day was reserved for a field visit to the pilot site – a formerly burned area of the Gargano National Park.
We keep working to materialise outcomes and results into practice, to improve the quality of life, to maintain infrastructure and property security, and to preserve sustainability and health for the forest environment and beyond.

In a few words, SILVANUS project is a modern and innovative protector of forests against wildfire, for the mutual benefit of nature and humankind. And as our project progresses, the vision for the platform is coming into place. We are turning the ideas and concepts for wildfire management into practical real-time solutions.

Good work Silvanus team!

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