On July 5th, SILVANUS project opened the 3rd General Assembly Meeting in Bari, Italy, organised by ASSET – the Regional Strategic Agency for Sustainable Development in Apulia Region.

The high season for extreme wildfire events has commenced, and the southern Italian region of Apulia (Puglia) has been deeply significantly affected. This includes the scenic landscapes of the Gargano National Park, which is one of the eleven SILVANUS pilot sites where project outputs will be demonstrated. A site visit to Gargano is planned in the agenda of the assembly this week.

The opening discussion of the meeting has focused on the contributions of SILVANUS to future mitigation and decrease of extreme wildfire events in the region of Apulia and beyond.

Technical specifications of SILVANUS platform are thoroughly discussed among partners, dissemination activities are presented, and open-ended questions are being efficiently resolved!

SILVANUS PROJECT brings together a large consortium of interdisciplinary experts from four continents, and RiniGARD is one of them 💪 , to combat the threat of forest fires and improve forest resilience against climate change.